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What are the benefits of White Noise?

Nine months spent in-utero has seen your baby exposed to constant noise as well as light and movement and for most babies; the transition to dark, quiet nurseries can be quite difficult and challenging to say the least!

in 2021, parents across the world are trawling online and through retail stores, searching for sound machines and/or multi purpose devices like Baby monitors, to help create the most comfortable and soothing environment in the nursery.

You may have heard that lullabies and nature sounds help create a tranquil environment for sleep, but in fact, modern research is suggesting that white noise is the best option for newborns as the goal is to achieve a womb-like environment that offers calming to anxious infants, encouraging them to stop crying and fall asleep faster. (Source: https://www.verywellfamily.com/the-wonders-of-white-noise-2504713)

So, why does White Noise work? We have come up with three reasons below:

It calms and soothes baby
White noise simulates conditions in the womb, where noise is a constant presence. It helps block out stimulating background noise present in and around the home such as older siblings, doorbells and traffic.

It increases the time spent asleep:
Every 20 – 45 minutes, babies will tend to come into a lighter sleep, and white noise helps babies gently navigate these periods to encourage longer naps.

It helps baby fall asleep more easily:
When used as part of your babies sleep routine, it creates a positive sleep association.

Oricom are dedicated to creating technology Australian parents can trust. We want to help all parents on their journey with a newborn, especially if it is the first time around.

The Oricom OLS100 and OLS50 are purpose built Sound Soothers that offer a mix of white noise, lullabies and nature sounds. For more on the range of Sound Soothers, click here.

All of the the latest editions to the famed Oricom Baby Monitor range also incorporate white noise tracks, including hair dryer, vacuum cleaner and womb sounds. All of these sounds are the tried and tested noises that babies like best. Find out more about the range, here.

Written by Tim Farrell

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