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At Oricom, we pride ourselves on bringing the best choice in Smart baby monitors for families across Australia and New Zealand.

We are 100% Australian-owned and sell a wide selection of audio and video baby monitors with a vast variety of capabilities including WIFI compatibility, secure long-range monitors, motion detection, two-way crystal-clear audio communication, fully-motorised 300 degrees horizontal and 110-degree vertical pan/tilt camera movement, room temperature display and alert, infrared night-vision capability and lullabies, white noise, nature & womb sounds to help make your babies sleep-time easier.

Discover the next level of peace of mind with Oricom's range of Smart Baby Monitors, designed to keep you connected to your little one, no matter where you are. Our Smart Baby Monitors offer cutting-edge features to ensure the safety and well-being of your baby:

Crystal Clear Video: Experience vivid clarity with high-definition video streaming directly to your smartphone or tablet. See every precious moment in stunning detail, whether you're in the next room or interstate.

Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom: Stay in control with the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom the camera remotely. Keep an eye on your baby's entire nursery with ease, adjusting the view to suit your needs.

Two-Way Talk: Comfort your baby with the sound of your voice, even when you're not in the room. Our monitors feature two-way audio, allowing you to soothe your little one with the touch of a button.

Smart Alerts and Notifications: Rest assured with customizable alerts for motion and sound detection. Receive instant notifications on your smartphone or tablet, keeping you informed of any changes in your baby's environment.

Night Vision: Enjoy peace of mind, day or night, with built-in infrared night vision. See your baby clearly, even in the darkest of rooms, without disturbing their sleep.

Secure and Private Connection: Your baby's safety is our top priority. Our Smart Baby Monitors utilise encrypted technology to ensure a secure and private connection at all times.

With Oricom's Smart Baby Monitors, you can stay connected to your baby's world, no matter where life takes you. Explore our range today and experience the ultimate peace of mind for you and your family. Order online from the comfort of your home, or join the Oricom Family and receive 10% off your first order*
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  • 5″ Smart HD Nursery Pal Glow+ Baby Monitor (OBH930)

  • 5″ Smart HD Nursery Pal Baby Monitor Twin Pack (OBH500-2)

  • Guardian Pro Wearable Sleep Tracker + Video Baby Monitor (OBHGPRO)

  • Guardian Plus Wearable Sleep Tracker + Smart Soother (OBHGPLUS)

  • Smart HD Dual Camera with Motorised Pan-Tilt (OBHDUAL)

  • Smart HD Video Baby Monitor with Motorised Pan-Tilt (OBHPTZ)

  • Smart HD Video Baby Monitor (OBHFCU)

  • Smart HD Video Baby Monitor with Motorised Pan-Tilt (OBH930PTZ)

  • 5” Smart HD Nursery Pal Skyview Baby Monitor With Cot Stand (OBH650P)

  • 4.3” Smart HD Nursery Pal Baby Monitor (OBH430)

  • 5” Smart HD Touchscreen Nursery Pal Premium Baby Monitor (OBH36T)

  • 5” Smart HD Nursery Pal Baby Monitor (OBH500)


Yes, baby monitors are a good idea. They are an essential tool that allows you to keep a careful eye on your baby, night and day, from anywhere in your home. Great for work-from-home or busy parents that need that little bit of flexibility, baby monitors allow you to hear and watch bub for safety and peace of mind.

Worry no more about your baby sleeping in their own room and cot. Baby monitors allow you to check on your baby during the night without entering their nursery and disturbing their sleep. Baby monitors are also great for light sleepers that are easily disturbed sleeping in mom and dad’s room when they stir or snore, giving bub a safe place to grow independence.

Baby monitors are generally easy to install and cater to a variety of budgets and feature requirements. Using Hubble Club, log in from anywhere with Oricom’s Wi-Fi Smart Baby Monitor range. Or choose our budget-friendly, easy-to-install high-quality Secure745 Video Baby Monitor with full motorised pan/tilt camera movements, motion detection, room temperature display, infrared night-vision capability and FHSS digital wireless technology for complete control and peace of mind.

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