UHF CB Radios


  • ANT913 3dBi UHF CB Fibreglass Antenna Whip to suit ANU913 and ANU900

  • ANU1200

    ANU1200 Town & Country UHF CB Antenna Pack

  • ANU1100

    ANU1100 Town & Country UHF CB Antenna Pack

  • ANU900 6.5dBi UHF CB Antenna with Large Barrel Spring base

  • ANT900 6.5dBi UHF CB Fibreglass Whip to suit the ANU900 and ANU913

  • ANU913 3dBi UHF CB Antenna with Detachable Fibreglass Whip

  • ANU930

    ANU930 3dBi UHF CB Fibreglass Radome Antenna With Heavy Duty Spring Base

  • ANU410

    ANU410 6dBi UHF CB Antenna with Detachable Whip

  • ANU300

    ANU300 4.5dBi UHF CB Antenna

  • ANU250

    ANU250 UHF CB 6.5 dBi Antenna with Elevated Feed and Flexible Whip

  • ANU230

    ANU230 6.5dBi UHF CB Antenna

  • ANU215 6.5dBi UHF CB Antenna

  • ANU220

    ANU220 6.5dBi Black UHF CB Antenna

  • ANU200

    ANU200 6.5dBi UHF CB Antenna

  • ANU200

    ANU210 6.5dBi UHF CB Antenna

  • ANU100

    ANU100 6.5dBi UHF CB Antenna

  • ANU100

    ANU110 6.5dBi UHF CB Antenna

  • ANU050

    ANU050 UHF CB 3dBi Coaxial Dipole Antenna

  • 20191205-Oricom-4694 1

    ANU060 3dBi UHF CB NMO Coaxial Dipole Antenna

  • ANU025

    ANU025C 1dBi UHF CB Magnetic Roof Mount Antenna

  • 2U0099

    Antenna UHF5500


    Antenna Whip 3dBi Black


    Three Coil Fibreglass Antenna Whip 6dBi


    Two Coil Fibreglass Antenna Whip 5dBi



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