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Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

The TPS10 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System include either External or Internal sensors, with the capability of simultaneously running up to 10 sensors through the solar powered LCD display unit. This unit is the perfect solution for those with a towing vehicle and caravan/ boat/ camper or box trailer.
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Safety First

Reduce Driving Risk

Tyres that are under-inflated will wear up to 45% faster. Ensuring correct tyre inflation will positively impact the handling of the vehicle, and will limit the risk of an accident due to handling issues. Correctly inflated tyres will ensure optimal fuel consumption, as driving on under-inflated tyres will increase fuel consumption by approx. 5%.

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Oricom is a 100% Australian owned and operated company, engineering products specifically for the diverse and unique conditions of Australia and New Zealand. However, it’s not just our products that deliver: we understand the importance of local service and support. Oricom always ensure that you and your needs are taken care of, long after the purchase of your high quality Oricom product.

Fast / Slow leakage warning

High / Low pressure warning

High tyre temperature warning

Pair up to 10 sensors

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Happy Customers

Brad S.
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Great product, and already got us out of trouble once.

I had a little trouble with the interface settings for the extra axle (2 sensors), but the ladies at customer service were super helpful and stepped me through it.

Highly recommend Oricom products and support.
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TPMS is an essential element to safe travel

This is a really helpful item to have as it monitors the tyre’s pressure and temperature in real time.
John O
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This provides certainty when towing a van

OrIcom TPS10 takes the worry out of knowing how you can tyres are performing while travelling over all terrains. Wouldn’t be without them, easy to install, accurate and essential.
Stuart F
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Money well spent.

Currently on the Oodnadatta track and its great to maintain and eye on your tyre temps and pressures on our ute and hybrid caravan.

Video FAQs

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How do I program sensors to the control unit?

How do I delete tyre data?

How to Disable and Enable External Sensors?

How do I Enter/Exit settings mode?

How do I replace batteries?

How do I set the HI/LOW pressure thresholds?

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