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For almost 20 years, Oricom have been at the forefront in communications technology in Australia. Our specialty is UHF CB radios, and we have created an extensive range of products to suit the diverse needs of everyday Australians.

Trucking in Australia has for a long time been a boom industry, and as all ‘truckies’UHF400R HEAVY DUTY 5 watt UHF CB Radio will tell you – there is no room to compromise when it comes to equipment they put inside their pride and joy. After all – these offices on wheels are where they are going to be for the majority of any given workday. Equipment needs to be reliable, user-friendly, and hassle free. Roger that!

This is where the Oricom UHF400R comes into its own. This powerful UHF CB radio was manufactured in South Korea to meet the specific requirements of the Australian transport Industry. An installer’s delight, this radio has been crafted to DIN size with a front-facing speaker to ensure you hear every conversation loud and clear. This radio is designed to fit any truck on the market, and is a super easy install due to its 12/24V power supply capabilities!

This radio is built tough! UHF CB Radios cop a flogging no matter where they are installed – 4WD, offroad vehicle, truck, agricultural equipment – they have to be built tough enough to handle the treatment. Oricom back the quality chassis construction on this unit, so much so that for the last 5 years, these UHF CB Radios have been fitted to third party Military Vehicles as a reliable means of communication, which in turn, are then supplied to the Australian Defence Force. If they are tough enough for the military – you better believe they are tough enough for your truck!

Oricom understand that for ‘truckies’, one of the more crippling issues that may affect the longevity of their radio, is how the radio is designed to deal with heat. Trucks get very hot when under duress and heavy use, and in turn these conditions can play a role in negatively affecting the output power of the radio. Not the case with the UHF400R – the external heat sink helps to cool the radio to ensure that a constant output power of 5 Watt is achieved, while the specialist sensitivity tuning helps to optimise the reception experienced at all times.

At Oricom – we are backing the transport industry to keep growing! Why not grow with good and reliable equipment, priced to please!

Written by Tim Farrell August 2022

About Oricom: Oricom International is an expert in communication technologies and leader in design and ideas across multiple categories. Being 100% Australian owned, Oricom builds communication products for the diverse, unique conditions of Australia and New Zealand. Oricom International has partnered with some of the world’s leading communication manufacturers to design and create communication products that are second to none, ensuring innovative design and excellent product performance.

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