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Clear Communication Made Easy: Introducing the Oricom CARE920 Amplified Phone Combo

At Oricom, we understand the importance of clear and accessible communication for everyone, regardless of their unique needs. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation, the Oricom CARE920 Amplified Phone Combo with Answering Machine and Picture Dialing. This powerful phone system is designed to transform your calling experience, making it loud, crystal clear, and easily accessible for all. 

The Power of Picture Dialing

One of the standout features of the CARE920 is its user-friendly corded phone with four large one-touch picture memory buttons. The concept is simple yet incredibly effective: save a phone number to one of these four buttons, then place a photograph of the person whose number is saved underneath the protective cover. This photograph becomes the visual identifier for your one-touch dial button. This makes it a perfect big button phone, especially for individuals dealing with memory loss, moderate to severe hearing impairment, or low vision.

The CARE920 is a game changer in both design and functionality, and will not look out of place in any room!

The Picture Dialing feature is a game-changer, allowing users to effortlessly call their loved ones without the need to remember or search for phone numbers. It not only provides convenience but also adds a personal touch to your communication.

Expandable Coverage with Cordless Handsets

Sometimes, it’s not just about having one great phone; it’s about extending that greatness throughout your home or office. The CARE920 allows you to do just that. With the option to add up to four cordless handsets (Sold separately – CARE920HS), you can easily expand your phone network to ensure that every corner of your space is covered. Whether you’re in the living room, bedroom, or home office, you can enjoy the same amplified and accessible communication.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Calls

We all know how bothersome unwanted calls, especially robocalls, can be. They disrupt our peace and quiet, making it challenging to have clear conversations. The CARE920 comes equipped with an intelligent call blocking feature that puts you in control. Robocalls won’t stand a chance, not even on their initial attempt. With this phone system, you can enjoy uninterrupted communication. But that’s not all. The CARE920 gives you the power to effortlessly block phone numbers with a single touch. Say farewell to those annoying calls for good. You decide who can reach you, and who can’t.

Key Features: 

  • Digital answering system
  • Loud hands-free speakerphone on handset and base
  • 4 Picture dialling photo ID’s
  • Amplified phone with boosted volume
  • Extra loud ringer
  • Talking digits
  • 30 Minute answering machine with slow playback function
  • Large blue backlit display
  • Caller ID with 50 number call log
  • 100 Name & number phone book
  • 12 Ringtones (5 classical + 7 polyphonic)
  • Hearing aid and T-coil compatible
  • Visual ring indicator
  • Instant call blocking
  • Multi handset capable (Connect up to 4 handsets –CARE920HS additional handsets sold separately)
  • 3 x AAA rechargeable batteries (included)


To summarise, the Oricom CARE920 Amplified Phone Combo is more than just a phone. It’s a powerful communication solution designed to cater to unique needs. With Picture Dialing, expandable cordless handsets, and intelligent call blocking, this phone system is here to make your communication experience as clear and accessible as possible.

Don’t let communication barriers hold you back. Embrace the CARE920 and experience a new level of clarity in your calls. Click here to learn more about the CARE920 and discover how it can transform your communication experience.

About Oricom: Oricom International is an expert in communication technologies and leader in design and ideas across multiple categories. Being 100% Australian owned, Oricom builds communication products for the diverse, unique conditions of Australia and New Zealand. Oricom International has partnered with some of the world’s leading communication manufacturers to design and create communication products that are second to none, ensuring innovative design and excellent product performance.

For further information contact:

Oricom International Pty Ltd
E: marketing@oricom.com.au
P: 02 4574 8862

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