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Dual Antenna System: The Power of Two – Seamlessly Integrated

When it comes to reliable communication in the great outdoors, Oricom has consistently been at the forefront of innovation. The Oricom UHF182X Dual Antenna 5 Watt UHF CB Radio is no exception. It’s designed to ensure you stay connected in the most challenging terrains, thanks to its Smart Dual Antenna Technology. In the below, we’ll delve into the remarkable features of the UHF182X and explore how it’s changing the game for UHF CB radios in Australia and New Zealand.

Dual Antenna System: The Power of Two – Seamlessly Integrated

The UHF182X stands out with its Integrated (DAS) Dual Antenna System, which is a game-changer in the world of UHF radios. With this unique Australian technology, you can maximise your signal strength without the need for an additional switch. Whether you’re navigating through the high country, rough terrains, or flat landscapes, the UHF182X ensures that you’re always connected. This technology automatically selects the strongest signal, guaranteeing seamless communication.

The Ultimate Communication Solution

The reverse side of the UHF182X transceiver features two antenna inputs, offering the best communication solution for any terrain you find yourself in. This means you don’t have to compromise on signal strength or clarity. The UHF182X has got you covered, whether you’re on a remote mountain adventure or exploring the rugged outback.

Feature-Packed for Every Adventure

Oricom has packed the UHF182X with an impressive array of features to meet the needs of even the most demanding users. Here are some of the key features that make the UHF182X a top choice:

Heavy Duty Controller Speaker Microphone: The UHF182X comes with a robust controller speaker microphone that ensures you can communicate effectively in Australia’s harsh conditions.

Open/Priority and Memory Scanning: The UHF182X features open, priority, and memory scanning, enabling you to scan for the most important channels without missing a beat.

5 Memory Channels: Store your favourite channels for quick and easy access, making it a breeze to stay connected with your group.

Over/Under Voltage Alert Function: This alert function ensures that you’re always aware of your radio’s power status, preventing unexpected interruptions or damage to the radio.

38 CTCSS and 104 DCS Codes: These codes enhance your privacy and reduce interference, allowing you to have secure and clear conversations.

3 Colour Backlit Display: The UHF182X boasts a 3-colour backlit display with two levels of brightness, making it easy to read the screen in all lighting conditions.

Audio Scrambler: Keep your conversations private and secure with the built-in audio scrambler.

Tri-Watch: Monitor three channels simultaneously, so you’re always aware of what’s happening around you.

Automatic Power Off: To conserve vehicle battery life, the UHF182X features an automatic power-off function.

Duplex (Range Extender): Extend your communication range by using the duplex function, especially handy when you’re in remote areas.

Volume, Channel, and Squelch Control: Easily adjust the volume, channel, and squelch settings to ensure optimal communication.

3.5mm External Speaker Jack: For added convenience, there’s an external speaker jack for connecting an external speaker. Find out more here

Designed and Built to Last

The UHF182X is proudly designed in Australia and engineered in Korea, a testament to its high-quality construction and reliability. It’s built to withstand the challenges of the Australian and New Zealand landscapes.

Oricom’s UHF182X Dual Antenna 5 Watt UHF CB Radio is a testament to this company’s commitment to innovation and quality. With its unique Integrated (DAS) Dual Antenna System, robust features, and exceptional build quality, it’s a must-have for anyone seeking dependable communication in demanding environments. Whether you’re an off-road enthusiast, an outdoor adventurer, or a professional in need of reliable communication, the UHF182X is the tool to keep you connected, no matter where your journey takes you.

Ready to experience the power of the UHF182X? Click Here for more information and to make it your trusted companion on your next adventure.


About Oricom: Oricom International is an expert in communication technologies and leader in design and ideas across multiple categories. Being 100% Australian owned, Oricom builds communication products for the diverse, unique conditions of Australia and New Zealand. Oricom International has partnered with some of the world’s leading communication manufacturers to design and create communication products that are second to none, ensuring innovative design and excellent product performance.

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