Secure740 4.3″ Digital Video Baby Monitor

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This quality 4.3″ digital video baby monitor gives you the peace of mind and freedom to get on with other things around the home knowing you can check on your baby at any time.

This monitor includes a room temperature display and alert, infrared night-vision capability and lullabies. The Secure740 is also multi-camera capable, with the option to connect up to 4 cameras – sold separately (CU740).

Oricom Secure740 4.3″ Digital Video Baby Monitor

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  • Large 4.3″ display
  • Motion detection
  • Baby friendly night vision
  • Parent talk back
  • Room temperature display and alert
  • Digital volume control
  • White noise(womb sounds and vacuum cleaner)
  • Soothing lullabies
  • Rechargeable lithium battery included (Parent Unit)
  • Feeding timer
  • Up to 8 hours battery life (with power save enabled)
  • Multi-camera capable up to 4 units. Additional cameras sold separately(CU740)
SC850 Colour Display Room Temperature Sensor Parent Talk Back SC870 Parent Baby Friendly Night Vision Generic Multi Camera Capability 3 Year Warranty

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Q: How many cameras can I connect to the one parent unit?
A: The Secure740 can connect up to 4 camera units (CU740) to the one parent unit. The original unit is supplied with one camera. Additional cameras can be purchased from our online store or from your local baby store.

Q: My SC740 is not functioning as it should. What can I do?
A: Check that both the parent unit and baby unit are turned on. Check that the parent unit is charged or placed on charge. Check that the baby unit is connected to the correct supplied power adaptor. Failing this, please contact Oricom Support on 1300 889 785 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST, or email support@oricom.com.au.

Q: What do I do if my parent unit is beeping?
A: Move the parent unit closer to the baby unit. Try resetting your monitor to avoid busy channels:
1. Turn both camera and parent units off and remove the battery in the parent unit. Leave unplugged for 20 seconds.
2. If you have Wi-Fi in the home, make it busy by streaming a video on YouTube or similar.
3. Turn the camera back on wait for 30 seconds.
4. Plug the battery into the parent unit and turn on.
If the display is still beeping, please delete and re-pair the camera as instructed on page 12 of the User Guide. When pairing it is best to keep the camera and parent units close together (within 1m) and keep clear of all other electronic devices including mobile phones, tablets or computers.

Q: What do I do if there is a high-pitched noise coming from the parent unit?
A: Increase the distance between the parent unit and baby unit. Reduce the volume on the parent unit.

Q: Why is the battery not charging?
A: Check the battery is connected to the battery connection in the battery compartment. After a period of time, the battery may need to be replaced due to everyday usage. Please find the part under the accessories tab on the Secure740 Product Page.

Q: How should I setup my Secure740 for optimum performance?
A: To get the best performance, place your baby unit between one and two metres away from your baby. Point the baby unit towards the baby or object you want to monitor. Check that the baby or object is suitably displayed on the parent unit screen.

Q: What is the in-use time of the battery?
A: Depending on the usage, the parent unit will work for up to 8 hours on a fully charged battery with power save turned ON. When the battery charge becomes low on the parent unit, the battery icon will turn red. At this point, you need to charge the parent unit. The rechargeable battery pack (supplied) can be charged and discharged hundreds of times, however it will eventually wear out and lose its ability to hold a full charge. When the in-use time becomes noticeably shorter than normal, it is time to purchase a new battery pack.

Q: How do I play lullabies?
Press MENU button: 1) Select the Lullabies icon. Press “OK” button to confirm the selection.
2) Choose the lullaby to play from the lullabies list. Your monitor will automatically replay the chosen lullaby.
3) Select all to play all the lullabies. Select the VOL icon to adjust lullaby volume.

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