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Simple Ways To Keep Your Toddler Safe At Home

Young children are more likely to be injured in their own home than anywhere else, according to KidSafe QLD. This is because toddlers are inquisitive, determined, and constantly exploring. Having monitoring devices such as a breathing movement monitor is sure to settle your mind when your little one is fast asleep, but when they’re on the go, it’s crucial that your home is as safe as can be.

Lock up dangerous substances 

Hospitalisation for poisoning is highest among 2-year-old children, states the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare. Medicines, household cleaning products, and solvents are some of the biggest culprits, so you need to ensure your toddler isn’t able to access dangerous products such as these. You should always firmly secure the lid of medicine bottles with a child-proof cap and store away in a wall-mounted cupboard that a young child is unable to reach. Pills and tablets should also be stored in this way. Household cleaners should be kept in a cupboard with a child-proof latch and never leave an open bottle of cleaner unattended as it’s a big temptation to little people.

Create a room just for your toddler

A room designed just for your toddler to play in is ideal if you have the space for it in your home. Soft wall pads and floor mats will make the room as safe as possible. You could also make a soft play area and pack the room full of age appropriate toys. This type of playroom can be beneficial if you’re expecting a second baby while looking after your toddler. You can take a chair in and out of the room with you, so you can rest your feet while your child plays in a safe environment. By creating a special room for your child, you can give him or her the responsibility of helping to tidy away their toys which will be a great help to you when your new addition arrives. If you wanted, you could even use a sound soother in the room so that your toddler can take their afternoon nap in there.

Secure your furniture

Every week, 50 toddlers in Australia are injured by falling furniture and toppling televisions, according to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission. This happens because toddlers climb up on furniture, such as cabinets and TV stands, causing them and their contents to topple down onto them. All furniture should be anchored to the wall or the floor of your home to prevent young children from being injured. Locking devices can be installed on drawers to stop children from pulling them out onto themselves. Avoid putting your children’s favourite toys and similar on top of cabinets and units as this encourages youngster’s to climb up.

It’s essential that you toddler proof your home as early as possible as this will prevent injuries occurring. Be sure to think like a toddler when you’re completing this task and get down on their level so you don’t miss securing or locking away anything dangerous.

Written by Jennifer Graham.

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