ULTRA550 CAMO Waterproof 5 Watt Handheld UHF CB Radio


Introducing the ULTRA550 CAMO Edition, the Ultimate in UHF CB Handheld Radios.

Featuring one of the largest backlit LCD displays in the Australian handheld radio market, the ULTRA550 is super compact and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Water and dust proof rated to IP67, this radio will go wherever you need it to, ensuring reliable communication no matter what the situation.

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  • Water and dust proof IP67 rating
  • Compact radio with large backlit LCD display
  • Switchable RF power (high: 5 watt, low: 1 watt)
  • 3 Programmable instant channel buttons
  • 80 channels
  • Fast charge technology supplied with 240v and 12v adaptors
  • Open/instant/priority scan
  • Die-cast metal chassis
  • Duplex (range extender)
  • Signal monitoring
  • Triple watch
  • Audio scrambler
  • Key lock function
  • Squelch tail on/off
  • 38 CTCSS and 104 DCS codes
  • High-capacity 2600mAh Lithium-ion battery pack (up to 30 hours operating time^)
  • Rotary volume control
  • 2.5mm jack socket with locking screw for optional accessories
  • Designed, engineered and produced in Korea

Pack Contains:

1 x UHF CB Radio
1 x Antenna
1 x Charging pod with mains adaptor and 12V adaptor
1 x Belt Clip
1 x Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack (2600mAh)

3 Year Warranty Water-and-Dust-proof 30-Hours-Battery
  • UHF CB Radio
  • Antenna
  • Charging pod
  • 12V Car charger
  • AC Power adaptor
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery (2600mAh)
  • Belt clip

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Q. Can I use other charger pods to assist in charging this radio?

A. Use only the supplied charger pod. The use of other types may be dangerous and will void your warranty.

Q. How do you turn this radio on?

A. To turn on the transceiver, turn the volume knob clockwise until you hear a click. To turn off the transceiver, turn the volume knob fully counter clockwise.

Q. How do I adjust the volume?

A. Rotate the Volume knob until you reach the desired level.

Q. How do I transmit over this radio?

A. To transmit keep the PTT button firmly pressed and the red LED will illuminate. Wait for approximately 1 second and then speak in the direction of the microphone, and hold the device at a distance of about 5cm from your mouth. When you have finished, release the PTT. When the radio is in reception mode you will automatically receive communications and the green LED will illuminate.

Q. What is the CTCSS and DCS setting?

A. This feautre allows you to receive signals only from callers who have selected the same CTCSS and DCS code. DCS is similar to CTCSS. It provides 104 extra, digital squelch codes that follow after the 38 CTCSS codes. CTCSS 1-38, followed by DCS 1-104.

Q. Can I adjust the transmit RF power?

A. The maximum RF transmit power of ULTRA550 is 5 watts. To switch to low power, select low power in menu mode. Low indicator will appear in the display.

Q. What does the IP67 rating refer to?

A. The ULTRA550 meets IP67 standard. This provides protection against dust and is capable of withstanding water immersion of up to 1m for 30 minutes. (To meet the IP67 waterproof rating, the accessory socket cover must be in place and the antenna and battery must be fitted
NOTE: DO NOT submerge the transceiver in water if there is any reason to suspect the waterproof protection may not be effective. For example, in cases where the battery cover or external jack cap rubber seal is detached from the transceiver or damaged, the transceiver/battery cover/jack cap is cracked or broken, or the transceiver has been dropped.

Q. What is the VOX setting?

A. In VOX mode, the radio will transmit a signal only when it is activated by your voice or other sound around you. The unit will transmit for a
short time (approximately 2 seconds) after you have stopped talking.

The level of VOX sensitivity is shown by a number on the LCD screen (Off to 3 levels).

At the highest level (1), the unit will pick up softer noise (including background noise). At the lowest level (3), it will pick up only loud

VOX operation is not recommended if the radio will be used in a noisy or windy environment.

Q. How do I activate the Key Lock?

A. To prevent accidental entries, you can lock the keypad. To enable or disable the “Key lock” Function:
– Turn radio off. While holding Menu button turn the Radio on.
When the key lock is active, a warning beep will be heard if you attempt to press keys (except for the PTT button).

Q. How do I return the radio back to factory settings?

A. If the radio’s display locks up or stops functioning properly, you might need to reset your UHF radio.
Caution: This procedure clears all the information you have stored in your UHF radio.
Before you reset your UHF radio, try turning it off and on again.
If your UHF radio is still not functioning correctly, you may need to reset the UHF radio.
To reset, Press and Hold Monitor and power on. “Reset” will appear in the display. The radio will then return to standby mode.

Q. What is the TOT (Time Out Timer)?

A. Australian and New Zealand standards require that if the PTT is pressed for more than 3 minutes the unit must stop transmitting. The radio is set to stop transmitting after 2 minutes and 30 seconds of continuous transmission. “TOT-on” will appear in the display and it will emit a beep sound to indicate that TOT is activated.

Q. Is this radio suitable for use outside of Australia?

A. All Oricom products are approved for use in Australia and NZ only, and although they will still work in other countries, they may not meet that countries requirement’s for voltage, operating frequencies or power RF levels and if used may interfere with other services which could attract penalties from the local administration authorities.

  • 2U0142

    Replacement Antenna to suit ULTRA550/DTX600


    Over-ear Headset UHF5500

  • ANU025

    ANU025C 1dBi UHF CB Magnetic Roof Mount Antenna

  • thmic5000

    THMIC5000 Throat Mic UHF5500

  • SPKMIC5000 (NEW)

    SPKMIC5000 Speaker Mic

  • ebvox5000

    EBVOX5000 In-Line Mic

  • earset5000

    Earbud with 3.5mm jack

  • 2U0084

    UHF to FME Adaptor for Antenna

  • 2U0003

    SMA to FME Adaptor UHF5500 & ULTRA550


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