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UHF058 UHF CB Radio


This compact, high powered CB Two-Way Radio has 80 channels, manual squelch and volume controls and a heavy duty microphone plug. It’s rugged construction and compact size makes this the ideal unit to mount in your 4wd, tractor or construction equipment, without breaking the bank.

Ease of installation combined with simple one handed operation and easy to see multi-coloured backlit display, make this the safe and easy way to stay in touch in the bush or on the road.

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  • 80 Narrowband channels
  • Allows you to choose from 80 channels (75 voice) to transmit or receive messages.

  • 5 Watt Maximum TX Output Power
  • Maximum transmit power for best possible range.

  • Duplex (Range Extender) Capability Local repeater stations re-transmit your signals over a wider area. This extends the effective range of the radio, giving you the greater reach.

  • 38 CTCSS (interference eliminator) codes and 104 DCS codes Block out any unwanted conversations.

  • Open/Group/Priority scanning
  • Gives you the option to scan all channels in memory and lock on any active channels or to select the channels you wish to monitor/listen to in a group, along with a priority channel (priority watch).

  • Large easy to read LCD display
  • The keypad and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is backlit for easy viewing at night or in low light situations.

  • 60 Receive Only Channels
  • Allows you to program in other channels in the UHF frequency between 450MHz to 512MHz and monitor transmissions.

  • Rotary Squelch Control
  • Gives you the ability to manually tune your radio to receive the best sound quality for your local environment.

  • Optional DIN Mounting Kit (not supplied)
  • Allows you to flush mount your radio in a standard vehicle DIN. This may be purchased from the dealer where you purchased the radio or directly from Oricom.

  • UHF058
  • Package includes: Package includes: 1 x UHF058 Radio, 1 x Microphone, 1 x Mounting Bracket, 1 x wiring harness, 1 x Microphone holder, fixing hardware.

  • 3 year warranty
  • Peace of mind. Buy your Oricom product with confidence.

3 Year Warranty

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Q. My UHF058 Receive (RX) Only channels don’t start on channel 41 as advised in the user Guide, but, on Channel 81, Why is that?

A. This does not impede the functionality of the unit, on UHF058 RX only channels can begin at either channel 41 or 81, all functionality remains the same on both types.

Q. I am transmitting on my radio and the other party can’t hear me?

A. If you are using channels 1 to 8 or 41 to 48 you will be transmitting in Duplex mode, turn DPX off or move to another channel

Q. What is the range of the radio?

A. The range will depend on a few things. The type of antenna you use and where it is mounted on the vehicle will affect the range. Low gain antenna will give you less range but wider coverage, A high gain antenna will give you greater range but it is produces a narrower field which is more directional. Mounting the antenna low on the vehicle will shield the transmission in the directions close to the vehicle, so ideally the antenna needs to be mounted as high and as possible.

Q. When I am receiving a transmission, the display shows that I am receiving a signal but I cannot hear anything, why?

A. Firstly check, your volume control, then if you still cannot hear the transmission, check to see if you have a CTCSS or DCS code set on that channel, if you do you will only be able to hear transmissions from other radios that have that same code set. If you turn off any CTCSS or DCS codes you will be able to hear all transmissions on that channel.

Q. When I am transmitting the person I am transmitting to cannot hear me, why?

A. Check that you are both on the same channel and both have the same CTCSS or DCS codes set. Also check that if you have duplex mode enabled that the other party has duplex enabled also.

Without the DIN kit
Height : 4cm
Length : 12cm
Width: 14cm

With the (optional) DIN kit attached to the radio
Height : 5.5cm
Length: 11.5cm
Width: 18.5cm

Q. I am transmitting on my radio and the other party can’t hear me?

A. If you are using channels 1 to 8 or 41 to 48 you could be transmitting in Duplex mode, turn DPX off or move to another channel.

Q. How do I set the instant channel?

A. To set the instant channel, select the channel then press and hold the “INS” button on the microphone for 3 seconds. The selected channel will be recalled when the “INS” button is pushed briefly.

Q. How do I use the DUAL WATCH (DW) function?

A. Select the first of the two (2) channels you wish to monitor. (e.g. Ch-20)
Then push the DW (Dual Watch) button once (short press) and DW is shown on screen
Now select the second of the two (2) channels you wish to monitor. (e.g. Ch-40)

The dual watch function will then monitor between the two selected channels. Shown by the channels flashing back and forth on the unit (e.g.20-40-20-40 etc.)
When a transmission is received on either of the two DW channels the radio operates as normal on the channel with traffic.
When the transmission ends the units reverts to the DW mode after 5 seconds of inactivity.