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Secure700 2.4″ Digital Video Baby Monitor


Keep a careful eye on your baby night and day from anywhere in your home with Oricom’s Premium Digital Video Baby monitor.

The Oricom SC700 boasts a large 2.4″ Colour LCD screen, with infrared night vision capability, long range with out of range warning (up to 150 metres), crystal clear sound, 2-way communication and temperature monitoring.

Oricom Baby monitors give you the peace of mind and freedom to get on with other things around the home.

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  • 2.4” colour LCD display
  • Room temperature monitor
  • Parent talk back
  • Soft comforting night light
  • Wall mountable
  • Digital volume control
  • Fully portable
  • Sound sensor lights
Room Temperature Sensor Parent Talk Back SC870 Parent Adjustable Night Light 3 Year Warranty

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Baby Monitor Secure 700 – FAQ’s

Q. The red light on my parent unit has not turned on when I placed it in the charge cradle, it is new and this is the first time I have used it.
The battery may have enough charge in it to allow a few hours of operation, use the unit until the green light flashes to indicate it needs charging then place in the charge cradle.

Q. I have an SC700 and when I put the Parent unit in the charger the red light doesn’t come on to show me its charging?
The latest version (serial number GL05I25000001 or higher) of the SC700 uses a lithium Polymer battery and is supplied already charged, it will not start charging again until it has used some of its charge. When placed on the charger pod and is charging the battery, the red LED will be ON and when fully charged the red LED will turn OFF.

Q. What are the advantages of having a Video Baby Monitor?
The best advantage of having a Video Baby Monitor is; it’s portable and wireless. You can take care of all the necessary household tasks while keeping a close eye on your baby.

Q. How difficult are they to setup?
Our Video Baby Monitors are wireless. All you need to do is place the Camera unit (Baby Unit) anywhere in the baby’s room and the Monitor unit (Parent Unit) anyplace that is convenient for you to be able to monitor your baby at all times. Remember – you can take the Monitor unit (Parent Unit) anywhere providing it is still in range.
Note: NEVER place the baby unit inside your baby’s cot, and do not place clothes, towels, blankets or other items over the parent or baby unit.

Q. My Parent Unit’s screen goes blank after 10 Seconds.
The display is reactivated when a sound is detected or a button is pressed. The VOX (Voice Operated Transmission) sound detection, causes the system to start transmitting automatically from the baby unit to the parent unit as soon as a voice or sound is detected.
To adjust the VOX: Use the +/- button to set the sensitivity to one of 5 levels. If the level is set at its highest, the display on the parent unit MAY remain on.

Q. How clear is the signal?
Our Video Baby Monitors use FHSS technology which operates at 2.4GHz. FHSS technology will give you the best range in a residential environment, up to 150 meters under optimum conditions.
Solving Interference Problems:
Signals from various house hold (wireless) devices usually cause inconsistencies with other wireless devices. When this clashing occurs, wireless interference occurs.
A way to help solve wireless interference is to find a suitable location for the transmitter and the receiver (Baby Unit and the Parent Unit).
To try and minimize interference with your baby monitor, place it as far away as possible from other devices especially wireless devices. Which include: WIFI/routers, Video Game Consoles, Laptop Computers and wireless/ cordless phones? Microwave ovens can too cause interference with your baby and parent units.
Note: The range can be affected by other materials used in the homes construction, but typically a distance of up to 150 meters can be expected.

Q. Can anyone outside my home interfere with my Baby’s Video Monitor Unit?
Our Video Baby Monitors use the latest digital technology which ensures radio communication between the Monitor Unit (Parent Unit) and Camera Unit (Baby Unit) cannot be interfered with by radio scanners or baby monitor’s of the same type.

Q. Do the units run on mains power or batteries?
The Camera Unit (Baby Unit) is powered with a mains power adaptor, alkaline batteries (not supplied) can also be installed to power the baby unit in the event of a power failure.
The parent unit, which is required to be portable, is powered by rechargeable batteries, which are re charged by the mains power when placed in the charger cradle. The operating time of the parent unit is up to 4 hours on fully charged batteries. If the VOX is turned OFF the operating time will reduce to up to 2.5hours.

Q. Are there any special installation requirements?
There are no special installation requirements, but there are some important things to do to ensure the best performance of the baby unit.
1. Ensure the batteries in the parent unit are charged for at least 16 hours before first use. This ensures the batteries are charged fully and with subsequent charge cycles’ will give the best battery life.
2. Ensure the baby and parent unit power adaptors are kept out of reach of your baby and other small children.

Q. What is FHSS Technology?
FHSS stands for Frequency Hopping-Spread-Spectrum. It is radio technology suited for voice, data and networking applications in residential, corporate and public environments, and with range requirements up to a few hundred meters.
FHSS is a very robust technology, with little influence from noises, radio stations or other environment factors such as eavesdropping.
FHSS emits low levels of radio waves when being used. Spread-spectrum transmissions can share a frequency band with many types of conventional transmissions with minimal interference. The spread-spectrum signals add minimal noise to the narrow-frequency communications, and vice versa. As a result, bandwidth can be utilized more efficiently and also means that an FHSS system is a very difficult target for any interference to accrue.

Q. I have connected my new monitor and the red light does not illuminate on the charger to show the battery is charging.
When you receive your new monitor the battery may contain enough residual charge to not require charging. Use your new monitor until the green light starts flashing, and then return the parent unit to the charger.

Q. How long should my battery last?
Depending on the usage of the monitor, the parent unit will work for up to 8 hours on a brand new, fully charged battery with the VOX feature turned on. When the battery level becomes low, the green power LED will flash slowly. At this point you will need to return the parent unit to the charger. Over time your battery life may become shorter. When the battery life is no longer suitable, we suggest you replace your battery. These can be purchased from our online store.

Q. My parent unit screen goes blank after 10 seconds.
This may be as a result of the VOX (sound detection) setting. The screen will turn off when no sound is detected, but will reactivate when the sound threshold reaches a set level, or when any button on the parent unit is pressed. The VOX setting can be activated or deactivated via the menu key.

Q. My screen is showing in black and white, not colour.
The camera has high-intensity infrared LEDs for picking up clear images in the dark. When the built in photo sensor detects a low level of ambient light, the LEDs will automatically activate and the screen on the parent unit will display in black and white.

Q. Can anyone outside my home interfere with my unit or see/hear my baby?
No. Our Video Baby Monitors use the latest digital technology which ensures radio communication between the Parent Unit and Baby Unit (camera) cannot be interfered with by radio scanners or baby monitors of the same type. In the same way, you will not hear your neighbour’s baby through your monitor.

Q. What range can I expect from this unit?
A range of up to 150 metres can be expected in ideal conditions i.e. a clear line of sight, with no interference. Indoors, the range can be up to 30 metres. Keep in mind that walls, doors, some building materials, microwaves and Wi-Fi can reduce the range you receive. Try to minimise any interference, and if necessary, try changing the channel on your Wi-Fi.

Q. My unit shows ‘Out of Range’.
You may need to adjust the position of the camera slightly, or alternatively, decrease the distance between the camera and the parent unit.

  • Power Adaptor SC910, SC710, SC850, SC703, SC705, SC700

  • Battery SC700


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