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Secure200 Premium Digital Baby Monitor



When only the best baby monitor will do for your baby there is only one choice, Oricom DECT Baby Monitors. DECT provides crystal clear sound and zero interference, ensuring you’re the only one listening to your baby.

This unit includes parent talk back to help allow you to keep in touch between the Parent Unit and the Baby Unit. Whether you need a helping hand, or simply want to let your baby know you are on the way. The fully portable Parent Unit allows you to go about your daily work, safe in the knowledge that you will always be able to listen to your baby.

The Secure200 has 5 soothing lullabies, and a soft comforting nightlight, which have been designed to help your baby drift into a peaceful sleep.

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Baby Unit

  • Nursery room temperature sensor
  • Soft comforting night light
  • 5 Soothing Lullabies
  • Sound Sensor Lights

Parent Unit

  • Nursery room temperature monitoring
  • Easy to read blue backlit display
  • High definition sound
  • Parent talk back
  • Ajustable digital volume control
  • Privacy guaranteed with 120 auto-select channels
  • Clock with alarm function
  • Fully portable
Room Temperature Sensor Adjustable Night Light Parent Talk Back SC870 Parent 3 Year Warranty

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FAQs for Oricom SC200

Q: How many additional parent units can I link up to my baby monitor?
A: You can only link up another 1 parent unit so you will have a total of two parent units to the one baby monitor.

Q: My parent unit is beeping and showing low batt, why
A: The batteries need to be recharged, place the unit back on the charger.

The display is blank?
A: aplease do a reset on the unit; take out the batteries out of the handset and the power from the baby unit leave it for 12 hours unplugged and then reconnect.

Q: The temperature is flashing and beeping all the time, why?
A. This is showing you that the temperature is out of the set range either too high or too low and if the unit is beeping then the temperature alert is set to on. If you set the alert to off then the beeping will stop and only the temperature will flash.

Q: The parent unit won’t turn on, why?
A: Take out the batteries from the parent unit and turn off the baby monitor – leave it off for 1 hour and then reconnect the unit. Are the batteries fully charged – try a full recharge of 14 hours.

Is the battery pack inserted correctly? The black lip must be facing downwards.

Q: My Batteries are not lasting the recommend hours, why?
A: Check the date of purchase as the batteries may need to be replaced. Try doing a full 14 hour charge then leave the unit off charge but switched on until the battery low warning turns on, then recharge again for 14 hours. If you do this charge discharge 3 times it should recover the capacity of the battery, if not they will need to be replaced. Replace the batteries with the same type and capacity, if you are unsure of what batteries to purchase please contact Oricom Customer Support for advice.

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