PMR795 Handheld UHF CB Radio Twin Pack


Perfect for inexperienced UHF CB Radio users or a family that loves the outdoors

This radio pack delivers exceptional voice quality and a range of up to 3km in optimal conditions.

Small enough to slip in a pocket, or clip to your belt, The PMR795BL will ensure you have effective communications wherever you find yourself.






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  • Compact & light weight
  • 80 channels
  • LED torch
  • Duplex mode (range extender)
  • Monitor function
  • Dual watch
  • VOX
  • Call tone alert
  • Each radio requires 3 x AAA alkaline batteries (not supplied)
  • Includes 3 year warranty

    3 Year Warranty

    Download Spec Sheet

    Download User Guide

    Q: How do I install the batteries in my PMR795?
    A: 1. Slide down the battery compartment cover.
    2.Insert 3 x AAA batteries (not included).
    3. Position the batteries according to the polarity marking on the battery compartment.
    After placing batteries into correct positions, replace the battery cover.

    Q: How do I adjust the speaker volume?
    A: The PMR795 come with 8 preset volume levels. To increase the volume press the Up / Scan button and to decrease the volume, press the Down / Mon button, press PTT button or Menu/PWR button to confirm.

    Q: How do I change channels on my radio?
    A: To change channels, once you have turned your unit on, press the Menu/PWR once and use the Up/Down buttons to scroll through to your preferred channel. Press the PTT button to confirm channel. Your PMR795 is simplex “one way at a time”. While you are speaking, you can not receive a Transmission.

    Q: How do I transmit on the PMR795?
    A: The unit is in RX mode when turned ON and not transmitting. When a signal is received on the selected channel, “RX” icon will display on the LCD screen.
    1. Press and hold the PTT (Push to Talk) button to transmit your voice. “TX” will display on the LCD screen.
    2. Hold the unit in a vertical position with the Mic (Microphone) 5 cm away from your mouth. While holding the PTT button, speak into the microphone in a normal tone of voice.
    3. Release the PTT button when you have finished transmitting. For others to receive your transmission, they must be on the same channel as you.

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