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PMR1280 Handheld UHF CB Radio


The PMR1280 UHF CB hand held radios are durable 2-way radios delivering up to 7km range, perfect for the outdoor enthusiast or tradesman.

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  • Range up to 7km*
  • 80 Channels+
  • 38 CTCSS & 83 DCS codes
  • Backlit display
  • Dual channel monitor
  • Channel busy indicator
  • Channel scan
  • Automatic squelch control
  • Duplex (Range extender)
  • Keypad lock
  • Hands-free (VOX) capable
  • Call tone alert

* Range can vary due to topographical and atmospheric conditions.

+ This 80 channel narrowband radio communicates with 40 channel r adios on the first 40 channels (1 to 40) but has another 40 channels (41 to 80) which will communicate with new 80 channel narrowband radios. In total there are 75 useable Narrowband voice channels. Voice communications are prohibited on Channels 22 and 23 as they are used for Telemetry and Telecommand. Channels 61,62 and 63 are guard channels and are not available for use. Channel 5 and 35 (paired for Duplex repeaters) are emergency channels and should be used only in an emergency. The CTCSS and DCS function are not allowed to operate on these channels. A list of currently authorised channels can be obtained from the ACMA website in Australia and the MED website in New Zealand. There are 8 Repeater channels 1 to 8 output (31 to 38 input ). Additional repeater channels 41-48 input and 71-78 output are now also available. This radio is user upgradable at no cost to allow repeater use on channels 41-48 and 71-78. Details are available on our website on how to upgrade the radio. Any designated repeater channel may be used for simplex operation in areas where it is not in operational range of a CB repeater station.

3 Year Warranty

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Q. When I am in a vehicle my range seems to decrease, why?
If the Radio is being used inside of a vehicle the metal bodywork of the vehicle will shield a lot of the transmission to and from the radio. To improve transmission and reception it is best to operate the radio outside and away from vehicles.

Q. I’m not receiving any transmissions, why?
Firstly check, your volume control, then if you still cannot hear the transmission, check to see if you have a CTCSS or DCS code set on that channel, if you do you will only be able to hear transmissions from other radios that have that same code set. If you turn off any CTCSS or DCS codes you will be able to hear all transmissions on that channel.

Q. When I am transmitting the person I am transmitting to cannot hear me, why?
Check that you are both on the same channel and both have the same CTCSS or DCS codes set. Also check that if you have duplex mode enabled that the other party has duplex enabled also.

Q. The batteries are not charging, why?
Storing batteries for a long period of time, without charging, will eventually make the battery unserviceable. This is because the battery eventually self discharges below the terminal voltage which will generally prevent the battery from being able to be charged again. Sometimes they may recover if left on charge for a few days, but not always. If NiMH batteries are to be stored for an extended period they should be stored fully charged and recharged once a month to overcome self discharge.

Q. Where are the repeater stations located?
There is a list of repeater stations across Australia on this web site. This list and the operational status of the repeaters can change so please check with the ACMA for the latest information on repeaters.

Q. How do I access the Stop watch function?
To activate press and hold the call button display will show 000 00 00
Push the ^ button to stop/restart the counter
Push (down) button to reset the counter
Push and hold the call button to exit stopwatch

Q. How do I reset the radio back to factory settings?
Turn the radio off then push and hold the menu “M” button while holding the button turn the radio on. After a few seconds the radios display will turn on, release the “M” button. The radio is now on default settings.

Q. I am transmitting on my radio and the other party can’t hear me
If you are using channels 1 to 8 or 41 to 48 you could be transmitting in Duplex mode, turn DPX off or move to another channel

  • Battery Pack to suit PMR1280, PMR1285 and PMR1200