UHF305 Micro UHF CB RADIO + 2W Handheld + Black 6.5dBi Antenna


This Oricom Value Pack includes everything you need to keep you connected on and off road.

Including a micro sized 5 Watt UHF CB Radio, a Black 6.5dBi antenna and waterproof handheld radio, what more could you ask for!

The UHF305 5 Watt UHF CB is micro-sized and can be easily installed in tight spaces. This high-powered unit features a user-selectable 7 colour flip LCD backlit display allowing you to match the LCD display with your vehicle’s dash.

Standout features include:

  • Ultra compact micro size
  • 7 colour backlit display
  • Heavy duty microphone with channel control
  • 5 year warranty on Radio – Peace of mind. Buy your Oricom product with confidence.

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UHF305 Key Features:

  • Ultra Compact micro size
  • Flip LCD function
  • 7 colour backlit display
  • Automatic Level Control (ALC) for consistant audio levels
  • 38 CTCSS and 104 DCS
  • Duplex (Range Extender)
  • Open/Priority scan
  • Priority channel
  • Heavy duty microphone with channel control
  • 3.5mm external speaker jack
  • Dimensions of transceiver: 22.5 (h) x 100 (w) x 84 (d) mm
  • 5 year warranty – Peace of mind. Buy your Oricom product with confidence.

ANU215 Key Features:

  • 6.5dBi Antenna
  • Elevated feed, counter balanced spring and solid fiberglass whip
  • Coax. Lead: 4.5m
  • Black
  • Antenna Length: 0.83m
  • 3 Year Warranty

UHF2500-1GR Key Features:

  • 2 watt transmit power
  • Waterproof rating IPX7
  • 80 Channels
  • Floats & flashes in water
  • Backlit display
  • Monitor feature
  • Channel busy indicator
  • Channel scan
  • Automatic squelch control
  • 38 CTCSS and 83 DCS sub codes
  • Duplex (range extender)
  • Keypad lock
  • VOX capable
  • CTCSS and DCS scan function
  • Dual watch
  • Last channel memory
  • Roger beep
  • Micro USB jack for charging
  • 2.5mm jack for optional accessories
  • 3 year warranty excludes battery

7 Colour Display Flip LCD Priority Channel Icon

  • 1 x Micro Size UHF CB Radio (UHF305)
  • 1 x Heavy Duty Microphone
  • 1 x Microphone mounting bracket (2U0045)
  • 1 x Transceiver mounting bracket (2U0055)
  • 1 x Black 6.5dBi Antenna (ANU215)
  • 1 x 2 Watt Handheld UHF CB Radio (UHF2500-1GR)
  • 1 x Pack of supplied mounting screws
  • 1 x User Guide

Download UHF305 Spec Sheet

Download UHF305 User Guide

Q. What are the black rubber washers for?

A. The black rubber washers are to be placed between the radio and mounting bracket to provide resistance to movement but still allow the position of the radio to be adjusted.

Q. I am transmitting on my radio and the other party can’t hear me

A. If you are using channels 1 to 8 or 41 to 48 you could be transmitting in Duplex mode, turn DPX off or move to another channel

Q. How do I set the priority channel

A. To set the priority channel, select the channel you wish to use as the priority channel using the rotary channel select knob then press the menu button 4 times or until you see “PrI” on the display then turn channel select knob to select ‘on’ push and hold the menu button to save the setting When you briefly push the “ins” button on the microphone the priority channel is selected

Q.What is CTCSS?

A. CTCSS, or Continuous Tone Coded Squelching System, is an option that allows your UHF radio(s) to only pick up radio signals preceded by a “code”. This option helps to cut down on unwanted radio chatter. This is also known as PL, Private Line, Channel Guard, etc.

Q. If the UHF Radio does not switch on at all

A. Check the power lead (wire harness) and fuse.

Q. What is the range of the UHF radio?

A. The type of antenna you use and where it is mounted on your vehicle will affect the range. A Low gain antenna will give you less range but wider coverage. A high gain antenna will give you greater range but it produces a narrower field which is more directional. Mounting the antenna low on the vehicle will shield the transmission in the directions close to the vehicle, so ideally the antenna needs to be mounted as high as possible.

Q. How far does a UHF radio transmit?

A. Many factors affect how far a UHFradio will transmit including power of the radio and the environment in which it’s used (e.g. buildings, mountainous and surrounding vegetation can cause range problems).

Q. What is a Repeater?

A. A Repeater is a Radio Relay Station. It is used when the radio signal needs to be magnified to get the desired distance coverage. It works by receiving a radio signal from one unit, magnifying it and retransmitting the signal to another radio unit. It would be used in an area where coverage was hindered by terrain, buildings or other environmental conditions.

Q. Where are the repeater stations located?

A. There is a list of repeater stations across Australia. This list and the operational status of the repeaters can change so please check with the ACMA for the latest information on repeaters.

Q. Is this radio suitable for use outside of Australia?

A. All Oricom products are approved for use in Australia and NZ only, and although they will still work in other countries, they may not meet that countries requirement’s for voltage, operating frequencies or power RF levels and if used may interfere with other services which could attract penalties from the local administration authorities.


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