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Meet June’s Ambassadors of the Month: Frankie and Kylie Vanz from ExploreXAdventure

Join us as we celebrate the spirit of exploration with Frankie and Kylie Vanz, the dynamic duo behind ExploreXAdventure. With a passion for outdoor exploration and a thirst for adventure, Frankie and Kylie inspire others to discover the beauty of the great outdoors through their captivating social media presence.

Introducing Frankie and Kylie Vanz

As the founders of ExploreXAdventure, Frankie and Kylie Vanz are no strangers to the thrill of exploration. Frankie, a business owner in Tyres and Mechanical at Lismore Tyre Company, and Kylie, a dedicated Registered Nurse, share a deep love for discovering hidden gems in the Australian wilderness. Their journey began with a shared desire to seek out the most scenic locations and conquer the toughest 4WD tracks, laying the foundation for their extraordinary adventures.

An Unforgettable Dinner Party

Imagine sitting down to dinner with three of your heroes. For Frankie and Kylie, the guest list includes Frankie’s late father—an opportunity to cherish one last moment together, country music sensation Luke Combs for a memorable singalong, and Kylie’s adventurous dad, always ready for the next thrill.

From Memories to Influence: The Birth of ExploreXAdventure

For Frankie and Kylie, the transition to social media influencers was a natural progression. Their passion for travel and adventure led them to document their experiences, initially as a way to preserve memories and share their adventures with loved ones. Little did they know, their journey would inspire countless others to embark on their own outdoor escapades.

From Jackaroo to Dream Machines

Every adventure begins with the right vehicle, and for Frankie and Kylie, their first foray into 4WDing was with a Holden Jackaroo—albeit short-lived due to an unexpected mishap. While their dream vehicle may not fit the conventional mold—an FD Mazda RX7—they’re drawn to its undeniable allure and undeniable sexiness.

Unveiling Australia’s Hidden Gems

Fraser Island and Barrington Tops hold a special place in Frankie and Kylie’s hearts, each offering a unique blend of natural beauty and rugged terrain. These destinations epitomise the essence of adventure, fuelling their passion for exploration and discovery.

Dreaming of Italy: A Week in Paradise

While Australia boasts countless breathtaking destinations, Frankie and Kylie’s dream getaway lies across the seas in Italy. With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and mouthwatering cuisine, Italy promises an unforgettable week of exploration and relaxation.

Balancing Adventure and Business

Beyond their roles as influencers, Frankie and Kylie are dedicated entrepreneurs, running a business alongside Frankie’s brother. Despite their busy schedules, they prioritize their passion for adventure, setting aside time to explore the great outdoors and indulge in their favourite pastimes, like fishing.

Oricom: A Trusted Companion on the Road

Equipped with an array of Oricom products—including ariels, UHFs, fold-down brackets, handhelds, and VHF radios—Frankie and Kylie trust Oricom to keep them connected and safe on their adventures. With unmatched reliability and performance, Oricom products receive an off-the-charts rating of 11 on their scale of excellence.

Join Frankie and Kylie on their journey of discovery and adventure by following ExploreXAdventure on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Let their stories inspire you to embrace the thrill of exploration and embark on your own unforgettable adventures. Adventure awaits—let’s explore together!

About Oricom: Oricom International is an expert in communication technologies and leader in design and ideas across multiple categories. Being 100% Australian owned, Oricom builds communication products for the diverse, unique conditions of Australia and New Zealand. Oricom International has partnered with some of the world’s leading communication manufacturers to design and create communication products that are second to none, ensuring innovative design and excellent product performance.

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