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Embracing the Great Outdoors: Meet Ellie Meuwissen, the Bikini Angler

Join us as we dive into the world of adventure and exploration with Ellie Meuwissen, better known as @bikini.angler on social media. With a magnetic personality and a passion for outdoor living, Ellie embodies the spirit of adventure and inspires others to embrace nature’s wonders.

Introducing Ellie Meuwissen

Dubbed as the female Rex Hunt or the female East Coast Brodie Moss, Ellie Meuwissen is no stranger to the thrill of outdoor adventures. Her love for the outdoors was instilled in her from a young age, as she spent family holidays camping, 4WDing, fishing, and exploring the vast Australian landscape. Today, she continues to fuel her passion for nature and the outdoors, discovering new destinations and sharing her adventures with the world.

From Hilux to Patrol: The Evolution of Adventure

Ellie’s journey into the world of off-roading began with her trusty Toyota Hilux, a faithful companion for six years. However, as she embarked on more ambitious adventures, she transitioned to a GU Series 4 Patrol—a touring vehicle perfectly suited to her outdoor lifestyle. With her Patrol setup for touring, Ellie is ready to tackle any terrain and explore the hidden gems of Australia.

Dreaming of the Ultimate Setup

For Ellie, the ultimate Aussie touring setup involves an Isuzu truck with a jack-off camper towing a 5m center console boat. This dream configuration combines the comfort and luxury of a caravan with the freedom to tow a substantial boat—a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation on the open road.

Unforgettable Destinations Down Under

With countless destinations under her belt, Ellie has experienced some of Australia’s most breathtaking landscapes. Among her favorites is Lorella Springs in the Northern Territory—a vast expanse of family-owned land boasting magnificent waterfalls, natural springs, and rugged mountain ranges. Despite its closure to the public, Ellie cherishes the memories of her time spent exploring this remarkable wilderness.

Bucket List Adventures Await

While Ellie’s adventures are ongoing, her bucket list continues to grow. From soaking in the Artesian bath at Julia Creek to exploring Ningaloo Reef and embarking on a live-aboard fishing charter to Swain’s Reef, she dreams of experiencing the best that Australia has to offer. With each new destination, Ellie’s passion for adventure only intensifies.

Balancing Adventure and Work

Outside of her life as an influencer, Ellie works part-time at BCF Kawana—a fitting role for someone deeply immersed in the outdoor lifestyle. Whether she’s helping customers gear up for their own adventures or sharing her expertise, Ellie brings her passion for the outdoors to every aspect of her life.

Spontaneous Adventures and New Content

For Ellie, every day is an opportunity for adventure. From spontaneous fishing trips to last-minute camping excursions, she embraces life with enthusiasm and spontaneity. And with exciting new YouTube content on the horizon, Ellie invites her followers to join her on the journey and discover the thrill of outdoor exploration.

Oricom: Trusted Companions on the Road

Equipped with Oricom’s UHF radios, TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), and portable jump starter, Ellie relies on Oricom products to enhance her outdoor experiences. With top-quality construction and reliable performance, Oricom products have become essential companions on her adventures, providing peace of mind and safety wherever the road may lead.

Join Ellie Meuwissen on her quest for adventure and discovery. Follow @bikini.angler on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook, and let her inspire you to embrace the great outdoors. Adventure awaits—let’s make memories together!

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