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Discovering Australia with Grant & Linda Hanan of My Aussie Travel Guide

Embark on a journey through the rugged landscapes and hidden treasures of Australia with Grant and Linda Hanan, the intrepid duo behind My Aussie Travel Guide. As freelance photojournalists, their passion for exploration has led them to some of the most remote and awe-inspiring corners of the continent, documenting their adventures through captivating stories and stunning visuals across their social platforms.

Meet Grant and Linda Hanan

Grant and Linda’s journey into the world of travel and adventure began with a bold decision—to take a year off and embark on a lap around Australia in 2011. What started as a personal blog to share their experiences quickly evolved into a career in freelance photojournalism. Their unique ability to capture the essence of Australia’s diverse landscapes and cultures has earned them opportunities to contribute to over six publications, showcasing their adventures through various media platforms.

A Dinner Party with Legends

Imagine a dinner party where conversation flows with Aussie legends and explorers. For Grant and Linda, their guest list includes the iconic Malcolm Douglas, whose pioneering spirit in exploring the Kimberley continues to inspire them. They would also host Frank Hann, renowned for naming numerous landmarks across Australia, including those hidden in the vast Great Victoria Desert. And to top off the evening with music and passion, Midnight Oil would perform their timeless hits, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Inspiring Through Social Media

Grant and Linda’s journey as influencers on social media is driven by their love for Australia and its boundless opportunities for exploration. Through My Aussie Travel Guide, they aim to inspire others to embark on their own extraordinary adventures, showcasing the beauty and diversity of the Australian landscape.

From Vintage Cruisers to Expedition Dreams

Their 4WD journey began with Linda mastering the ropes in a 1978 Toyota HJ45 Landcruiser, followed by owning a 1984 Nissan Patrol SWB. Over the years, they’ve explored with vehicles from Nissan, Ford, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, and Toyota. Their ultimate dream now is an expedition Unimog from Unidan—a vehicle they envision as the pinnacle of touring capability for both Australian and international travel.

Australia’s Unforgettable Destinations

With over 30 years of exploring the Kimberley and a deep affection for the western deserts, Grant and Linda cherish the remoteness and rugged beauty these regions offer. Each expedition deepens their connection to Australia’s wild places, reinforcing their passion for off-the-beaten-path exploration.

Dreaming of Antarctica and Beyond

While Australia holds their hearts, Grant and Linda dream of returning to Antarctica—an icy wonderland that continues to beckon with its pristine beauty. If they could turn back time, they’d relish a conversation with Ernest Shackleton, a legendary Antarctic explorer, to share tales of survival and exploration.

Living the Dream Job

For Grant and Linda, travel isn’t just a passion—it’s their livelihood. As they traverse the country, documenting their adventures, they find fulfillment in sharing their experiences with others. Their lifestyle allows them to immerse themselves fully in their passion for exploration, making every journey a new chapter in their ongoing adventure.

Trusting Oricom for Reliable Adventures

Since 2016, Grant and Linda have relied on Oricom products—including UHFs, antennas, handhelds, tyre pressure monitoring systems, battery monitors, and jump starters—to navigate Australia’s remote terrains safely. The durability and reliability of Oricom products have consistently met their rigorous demands, ensuring they stay connected and prepared in the most challenging environments.

Follow Grant and Linda’s epic adventures and discover the beauty of Australia through their lens on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Let their stories ignite your sense of adventure and inspire you to explore the vast landscapes and rich cultures that Australia has to offer. Adventure awaits—join them on their next expedition with My Aussie Travel Guide!

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